AIA Digital Practice documents may be used for any projects involving digital data AIA Document E™– expires on April 30, and is replaced by . AIA Document E defines digital data as information, communications, drawings, or designs created or stored for a specific project in digital form. E The voice of the architecture profession (AIA Contract Documents) .. E does not cr eate a sep arate license t o use digital da ta, b ecause AIA docume nts fo.

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You can find commentaries on B and A the General Conditions document that goes with B at www. Nonetheless, it has been forecast that BIM will soon become the central platform for design, construction and building operation in our industry.

Grants a limited non-exclusive license to use the digital data Sets procedures for transmitting the data Places restrictions on the license granted Indemnifies the model author Allows for collection of a licensing fee Use this document when you need to send digital data to someone where there is no existing agreement. Skip to main content Press Enter. They can be much more difficult to manage and control.

Fast forward to today and now they want to move ahead with just a small portion of the project. Take care to define the terms of use in this licensing agreement.

Practice Management Member Conversations

Having been put in similar situations, at the very least I would have the client sign a letter ack Even with the agreement signed by the church and the other e2201, you could still be liable if your original drawings are used. If you are just becoming acquainted with digital practice, be cautioned that it is a detailed and complicated process because it is new and developing design technology.

From a Contract Documen AIA Digital Practice Documents— The documents developed by the AIA for digital practice are the result of an evolving practice model that was initially launched with documents published in October It is a good resource for learning about BIM and the AIA digital documents, and f201 is suggested that you download it on your laptop, tablet or PDA and treat it aka your favorite novel.

Talk with your liability insurer. We also have two documents that deal with the exchange of digital data: If C is used, exercise care to define usage rights for the BIM or any other digital data.


Agreements, meeting agendas and minutes, requests for information and basic communications texts and emails, those things that used to spill out of our filing cabinets as paper documents, are now primarily in electronic form. They have asked if I would be willing to turn over the CAD drawings to this new architect so he doesn’t have to start from scratch. In addition, C allows the party transmitting digital data to collect a licensing fee for the recipient’s use of the digital data.

We also have two documents that deal with the exchange of digital data:. The authors and the AIA Trust assume no liability for the use of this information by AIA members or by others who by clicking on any of the links above agree to use the same at their sole risk.

Accordingly, it is important that they be monitored and managed the same as, for example, an updated specification section would be, to aiq sure that the participants have accepted and agreed to the latest version. I was eventually paid for the work I had done up to that point.

From a Contract Documents perspective: These agreements already provide licensing terms. Atkins and Andrew D.

Practice Management Member Conversations – AIA KnowledgeNet

The AIA closely monitored digital practice initiatives, and in it published updated digital practice documents more representative of current practices. The Digital Practice Documents are: It is not tied to the AIA ai, and it xia not a stand-alone contract. Article 3 is intended to identify the digital data that will be transmitted and used on the project. It should basically say tha Date range on this day between these dates.

The reality of the digital age is that virtually every project communication can be transmitted and used in digital form. It is intended to accomplish the following: Any other reproduction or use is strictly prohibited. Skip main navigation Press Enter. However, to establish the protocols and procedures to govern the development, use transmission and exchange of the digital data, in short, to s201 your risks when handing over something as important as aa BIM model and control its use, you should incorporate E, Building Information Modeling and Digital Data Exhibitand G, Project Building Information Modeling Protocol Form, into your agreements to define the limits of the licensed granted.


At 63 pages, the Guide is very comprehensive and explains background, commentary and document instructions. Contact Us Code of Conduct www. You WILL need the advice of an attorney experienced in professional liability for such an agreem The other architect is an acquaintance and has a good reputation. Click here to take a test for One Learning Unit. To be used with AIA Document E, Building Information Modeling and Digital Data Protocol Exhibit Documents the agreed-upon protocols and procedures governing development, transfer and use of BIM models consistent with the BIM Execution Plan Establishes model development at the five levels addressed earlier in this white paper Authorizes use of model content at each level of development Assigns authorship and responsibility of each model element by project milestone Defines extent to which model users may rely on model content Clarifies model ownership Sets forth BIM standards and file formats.

I don’t have a problem in principle but I am concerned about liability issues. This document is intended to accomplish the following:. The other Architect must also give yuou a release that he has checked the drawings and will take full responsibility for their reuse.

All information on this page is copyrighted by James B. Laws vary by state and members should seek legal counsel or professional advice to evaluate these suggestions and to advise the member on proper risk management tools for each project.

AIA Digital Practice Documents—2013

Would you like to mark this message as the new best answer? W201 purpose is to establish the procedures the parties agree to follow with respect to the transmission or exchange of digital data, including instruments of service.

What you need is a simple release, indemnity, and hold harmless clause. This document serves as an agreement between two parties for the licensed use and transmission of digital data, including instruments of service. The documents developed by the AIA for digital practice are the result of an evolving practice model that was initially launched with documents published in October Powered by Higher Logic.