The DELTA XTEND System is a total semi-constrained shoulder arthroplasty. It reverses the normal relationship between the scapular and humeral components, . DePuy Delta Xtrend prosthesis has been designed using the lastest scientific, . Delta Xtend Reverse Shoulder System: recovery, function, and survivorship. 1. DePuy Delta Xtend tools; From DePuy Delta set – “Delta Extras” set. Impactor handle with simulated wood grip; Ball impactor head; Cup impactor head; Humeral.

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Screws can be angled in towards the central peg for patients with narrow glenoid necks.

The surgeon may wish to use the cup impactor to set the trial. No space except if due to bone erosion should be seen between the instrument and the glenoid surface. Search publications Advanced search.

Biomechanics, Clinical Techniques, and Current Technologiesed. Cement hardening takes about 10 minutes in the laminar airflow room and can be check by tapping on a test piece of cement.

Confirm stability and dislocate the humerus. Identify the long head bicep tendon and plan to free the subscapularis as close to and medial to the biceps without cutting it. Careful trigger detla will allow you to control the speed of your saw and allow for a more controlled and precise cut. The metaglene component is HA coated and is intended for cementless use with the addition of screws for fixation.

Other Depuy Synthes products Shoulder Reconstruction. The first set of gloves are removed and the second prep is performed in the same manner as the first. The xetnd should otherwise be free from any talking or other distracting noises during the timeout.


Delta Xtend Technique Guide

You should circumferentially wrap cloth tape around the patient’s chest and table to prevent pulling the patient off of the table during the surgery. Do not over drive the ream too deep. We will generally use a 38mm gleonsphere. Xxtend example, if the initial distal reaming was carried out using the 12 mm reamer and proximal reaming was carried out using the size 1 proximal reamer, select monobloc dleta trial epiphysis number 1 with diameter 12 mm.

Academic Bibliography

The goal is to have a sufficiently long screw inferiorly, usually 36 mm xtennd more. Gently tap on the glenosphere with the glenosphere impactor a minimum of three times.

Make sure that the proximal handle of the drlta is not tilted superiorly. The size chosen, epiphysis size 1 or 2, will determine proximal reamer and final implant sizes. All inquiries can be submitted by email to: Rotate the metaglene so that the inferior screw can be aimed toward the scapular neck.

Complete reaming is achieved when the external reamer flange is in full and complete contact withthe bone resection surface. Choose the most appropriate epiphysis size by placing a monobloc implant sizer disk in size 1 Yellow or 2 Blue on the proximal reaming guide.

Drive the proximal reaming guide down until complete contact between the metal block and the resectioned bone dwpuy is achieved. Manual reaming should be carried out until the central part of the manual reamer is in full contact with the curved central glenoid surface. The DELTA XTEND has been designed to improve the range of motion and to reduce the scapular notching by creating an inferior glenosphere overlap, with the center of rotation still located at the glenoid plane, thereby eliminating any rocking horse effects.


Depuy Synthes | Delta Xtend Reverse Shoulder System

The superior screw should be directed at the base of the coracoid process and should have an anterior orientation to avoid the suprascapular nerve. When the trials are satisfactory, the trial glenosphere should be removed using the extraction T-Handle so that final implant fixation can be performed. Continue to ream sequentially until the reamer just begins to bite on the cortical bone of the intramedullary canal of the humerus.

The monobloc implant size should be chosen to match the initial distal reaming diameter. Registration is quick and free. Reduce the joint and carry out a final assessment of joint stability and range of motion. All other components are intended for dpuy use only.

The modular humeral stem and epiphysis components are HA coated dflta intended for cementless use. Interference screw Acetabular prosthesis Femoral stem Knee prosthesis Three-compartment knee prosthesis Suture anchor Cemented femoral stem Shoulder prosthesis Hip prosthesis Cemented knee prosthesis Cemented acetabular prosthesis Revision knee prosthesis Revision acetabular prosthesis Unicompartmental knee prosthesis Absorbable interference screw Reverse shoulder prosthesis Humeral head prosthesis Glenoid cavity prosthesis Humeral stem Revision hip prosthesis.