Names: ܐܘܓܪܝܣ6, 7, 8; Evagrius of Pontus; ܐܘܓܪܝܣ ܦܘܐܝܛܐ4; ܐܶܘܰܓܪܺܝܣ ܦܘܐܝܺܛܐ4; ܐܹܘܲܓܪܝܼܣ5; اوغريوس البنطي3; Evagrius7; Ewagrīs; Évagre8; Euagrios9. `Review from previous edition Sinkewicz has rendered Evagrius’s terse style into an English that is both clear and precise – no small achievement given. Despondency: The Spiritual Teaching of Evagrius of Pontus [Gabriel Bunge] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This ultimately joyful work is .

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Guide to Evagrius Ponticus

Loukios loukios Letter of Loukios letter of loukios. Subscriber Login Email Address.

De cherubim de cherubim Commentary on the Cherubim commentary on the cherubim. Schriften zur Kontemplation 2. Arabic and Greek edition: Arabic and Coptic Editions and translations 5: Recent Studies in Early Christianity oof.

Not curated by Syriaca. Greek edition and Greek translation:. Evagrius features in some of the Apophthegmata literature, as well as in the evavrius histories of Socrates and Sozomen.


Evagrius Ponticus

Ein griechisches Florilegium aus der Wende des 7. Please also include your email address, so that we can follow up with you regarding anything which is unclear.

Translated by Leo Trunk.

Scholia in Lucam Collections of sayings found in the later esp. Syriac Editions and translations 2: You can help improve this article by introducing citations that are more precise.

Its Structure and a Select Commentary. Even in his own day, Evagrius’ views had been criticised.

Guide to Evagrius Ponticus: Writings of Evagrius Ponticus

Evagrius, Ponticus and Bunge, Gabriel. It is in the power of our spirit to gain a spiritual understanding of natural objects. Abhandlungen der Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaftlichen Klasse Teaching teaching Doctrina doctrina.

This vision, and the warning of an attendant angel, made him flee from the capital and head for Jerusalem. Doubtful Arabic Fragments doubtful arabic fragments Dubia arabica dubia arabica. Arabic, Syriac, Armenian, and Latin Editions and translations 2: This brief treatise concisely describes the evil thoughts and the virtues opposed to them. Greek edition and Greek translation: Corpus scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium.


St. Evagrius of Pontus ( – ) – Orthodox Fellowship of the Transfiguration

Ancient Christian Writers Evagrius, following others before him, divided the spiritual journey into three stages, called theoriae: Editions and translations Arabic, Syriac, Armenian, Geez, and Georgian. Syriac and Greek edition: Ethiopian edition and French translation: Faber and Faber, —.

Lengthy treatise thirty-two sections by Sinkewicz’s new numbering introducing the ascetic life. Evagrius’s influence was arguably greater in its indirect forms.