: Heartbeat (): Sharon Creech: Books. Heartbeat and millions of other books are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook. In this novel told though a series of poems, Annie begins to experience changes: the birth of her baby brother, her friend Max’s decision to join the track team. A stunning accomplishment. This story pierces the heart.” —Chicago Sun-Times RUN RUN RUN. That’s what twelve-year-old Annie loves to do. When she’.

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A middle grade book written in verse. Simply a beautiful story!!!

I loved Annie, the main character, who loves running, her family, her friend even though he gets snippy and rudeand herself. The character Annie and I think in the same reflective manner. A preview of much of the book is available on Google Books.

Heartbeat by Sharon Creech | Scholastic

The reason why I enjoyed this book is because it was a short story about a tween who notices the changes around her and is left puzzled and confused about love, family and friendship. The problem finally gets solved when the baby begins to breath and shqron. Being with my family is what I enjoy most. First, she meets up with Max.

I adored this book. I certainly recommend Heartbeat to anyone who has ccreech the writing of Sharon Creech, is partial to novels in verse or simply appreciates excellent literature.

While teaching great literature, I learned so much about writing: I felt as if I were balancing on the cusp of some important life thread, and it was essential to try to understand geartbeat I was, in the larger scheme of things. Jan 27, Abby Johnson rated it liked it. Newbery Medalist Creech “Walk Two Moons” masterfully weaves this story, told in free verse, about a young girl finding her identity and learning how it fits within the many rhythms of life.


Jul 26, Michaela rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: These are questions I had when I was Annie’s age, when my grandparents were aging, and when my mother was expecting my youngest brother. When one’s mind continually drifts to that thing or person and just resting on them for a little while provokes a smile, that’s a nice place to be.

Heartbeat (novel)

Annie’s world feels as if it’s unraveling with all this change. Third, is how she deals with her grandpa. No images or files uploaded yet.

Wonderfully, inspirationally wise, luminescently funny and always, always, always emotionally resonant, Sharon Creech has created a lead character and story in Heartbeat that easily could have brought her another Newbery Honor. Heartbeat is the story of twelve year old Annie who is dealing with the trials of being an adolescent girl living in a world of change. Sometimes the people that we thought were gonna always be there aren’t.

I love how deeply Annie invests herself in the school assignment of describing what she loves and what she fears.

Apr 16, Lisa rated it it was ok. She wonders what it would be like to be old, and what it would be like to be an infant, and how she became who she is, and who exactly is she, and why is she here? Pages Images and files Insert a link to a new page Loading What is she gonna do everything is changing.


This review has been hidden because beartbeat contains spoilers. One of my favorite quotes: It feels like what we do. Annie views her world with fresh eyes every day, willing to see anew the people in it and their situations and understand better how everything fits together. This book depicted a story that was fiction, but also relatable to so many people going through different stages in their lives. I told my husband about it. I was really touched by this short novel written in verse.

Overall I give Heartbeat four out of five stars because of the way the author built a bond between Annie and the reader. Dec 25, Kate rated it it was amazing. I’ve never read a book in verse before and didn’t know how I would like it. As always, she delivers an insightful story about saron up and finding one’s place in heartbwat world amongst the everyday drama of life.

Refresh and try again. She lives with her parents and her grandfather, whom she adores. If you liked hate that heartbeah this would be perfect for you.