LM Sanyo Semicon Device datasheet pdf data sheet FREE Datasheets ( data sheet) search for integrated circuits (ic), semiconductors and other electronic . LM min typ nax unit. *. mA. mA. mA. MA. mA. *. * Electrical Characteristics at Ta= 25°C,Vss=0V,VOD=-9 to – 15V. Output ‘H’ Level Current. ALARM. LM datasheet, LM pdf, LM data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, SANYO, Dual – Alarm Digital Clock.

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LM8363 Datasheet PDF

What clock IC does it use? Mikebits Well-Known Member May 29, That’s why I’m wondering if your notations are correct.

Just thought that they may have placed a jumper at the main board somewhere to simulate the switch if they knew it would be sold it a 60 Hz land like North america. Therefore, a requirement when using. I cannot remember the IC id most of those old clock radio’s used.

B is connected to many other points. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

So it should work down under without the missing part. I wouldn’t worry about it smoking.

Hero Banned May 30, Here is the back of the PCB, sorry for the low res image, I took it from my mobile phone. The chances are, there’s a jumber or something on the other side of the board, you need to disconnect from A it and reconnect it to C.

Sadly, you may be out of luck. Potentiometer L8m363 Started by norbss Yesterday at In 60 Hz land “b” gets connected to “a” which would go out on the ribbon cable to somewhere an adapt the counters to accommodate the change in frequency which they use to set the time base.


If your notations are correct. The fixed-cycle timer source clock is specified using the TSS1 and TSS0 Timerfrom the falling edge of the clock after writing to Address 0Dh, as shown in the following diagramThe alarm interrupt function generates an interrupt when datashest clock matches the time setting in the.

Activating VSS using two inputs simultaneously alarm select and sleep selectthe. In addition, the CDP features an alarm circuit thatby a transparent “freeze” circuit that assures data integrity when accessing the clock. Bender, You’ve got that the wrong way round. I purchased a clock radio from the US Datasheft live dtaasheet Australia.

The data sheet seems to have an error when it says 60Hz pin left open is pulled down to Vdd. Previous 1 2 However, what is missing is most likely a slide switch that would have pin “b” as a common point. Bender New Member May 29, Pad “c” seems to go nowhere. Articles Top Articles Search resources. Try Findchips PRO for clock alarm circuit diagram using lm Missing Components on a Clock Radio. Hero Banned May 29, I found 2 chips one on the radio and the other just behind the display of the clock.

Battery backup On-chiphour system Power failure indicating function All digits flashing Clock noise suppressor. The red line is obscuring the solder points. Each alarm has its own alarm output signal. I think you should leave pin 25 alone. I have a feeling if I can get the specs for this guy I will be able to move forward.


LM Datasheet PDF –

Thanks for the heads up! The startup time is usually less than 1 second when using a crystal with the specified characteristics. Of coarse, there is l8363 which is 50hz in the west and 60hz in the east. Bender New Member May 28, I went ahead and checked the pinout.

Digital Clock Regenerator In order to decode the incoming. By using the status register 2, users can select either of; alarmclock data speed, in the wide range, which is caused by the oscillation circuit ‘s frequency deviationcontroller 1 VDDL Alarm expansion register 1 INT register 1 Clock correction register FOUT. Or tell me what I need to buy to make it run at 60Hz? Is it possible you miscounted the pins?

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(PDF) LM8363 Datasheet download

For one alarm output, DC output signal is provided. Just saying hello Started by MichaelaJoy Yesterday at 6: For instance all of north america is 60 but south america has both 50 and 60 Hz dependent on country and most of the rest of the world is 50hz. A “1” in bit-7 will identify the alarm circuit. This digital clock regenerator circuit continuously re-synchronises a divide-by-8 counter beingcircuit or internally using the on-chip digital clock regenerator. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Started by fastline Yesterday at 8: It appears that the black ribbon cable is 4 wires and there are 5 points, one of which is your red trace line from “a”.