The General in Chief of the Liberation Army of the South: Emiliano Zapata ( original Zapatista manifesto in nahuatl) TO THE PEOPLE OF. Lacondon Jungle December 31, TODAY WE SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! TO THE PEOPLE OF MEXICO: MEXICAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS. The Zapatista Army of National Liberation often referred to as the Zapatistas [ sapaˈtistas], is a far-left libertarian-socialist political and militant group that controls.

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II Today, with heart of Emiliano Zapata and having heard the voice of all our brothers and sisters, we call upon the people of Mexico to participate in a new stage of the struggle for national liberation and the construction of a new nation, through this.

Rowmand and Littlefield Publishers Inc. Those contained in the First Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle and added throughout the past two years of insurgency. A political force which can organize a solution to the collective problems without the intervention of political parties and of the government.

Manu Chao Manifiesto Zapatista – Sub. English

Manifiiesto the group has been in a declared war against the Mexican state, and against military, paramilitary and corporate incursions into Chiapas. Another key element of the Zapatistas’ ideology is their aspiration to do politics in a new, participatory way, from the “bottom up” instead of “top down”.

Respect the lives of our prisoners and turn over all wounded to the International Red Cross. The indigenous Mexicans, the ones always forced to listen, to obey, to accept, to resign themselves, took the word and spoke the wisdomwhich is in their walk. The declaration calls for an alternative national campaign the ” Other Campaign ” as an alternative to the presidential campaign.

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Moved by Moctezuma’s protest, President Zedillo abandoned the military offensive in favor of the improbable task of restoring the conditions for dialog to reach a negotiation. Many words walk in the world. There are words and worlds which are lies and injustices.


In contrast, the EZLN aims to reinforce the idea of participatory democracy or radical democracy by limiting public servants’ terms to only two weeks, not using visible organization leaders, and constantly referring to the people they are governing for major decisions, strategies, and conceptual visions.

Participant in Chiapas conflict. Our fight is for a job which is just and dignified, and the bad government buys and sells our bodies and our shames. We make true words. Retrieved 13 March Understanding Movements in Modern Thought: On May 3—4,a series of demonstrations protested the forcible removal of irregular flower vendors from a lot in Texcoco for the construction of a Walmart branch. Our fight is for life, and the bad government offers death as our future.

On the other hand, the project of a transition to democracy, not a transition within a corrupt system which simulates change in order for everything to remain the same, but the transition to democracy as a reconstruction project for the nation; the defense of national sovereignty; justice and hope as aspirations; truth and government through obedience as a guide for leadership; the stability and security given by democracy and liberty; dialogue, tolerance and inclusion as a new way of making politics.

They applaud the new inquisition, which through a democratic facade, pretends to sanction with moralistic blows the last remains of a country which was once a world wonder and today provides the material for chronicles of police action and scandals.

Zapatista Army of National Liberation – Wikipedia

It is to share our experiences, because each tribe is different. The Nation which we construct is one where all communities and languages fit, where all steps may walk, where all may have laughter, where all may live the dawn.

Retrieved May 30, We are opposed to a national project which implies its destruction, but we lack a proposal for a new Nation, aproposal for reconstruction. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

On January 1 ofafter breaking the military blockade with which thebad government pretended to submerge us in surrender and isolation, we called upon the different citizen forces to construct a broad opposition front which would unite those democratic voices which exist against the State-Party System: Rebel Zapatista Autonomous Municipalities. BeforeMarcos’ writings were often published in some Mexican and a few international newspapers.


The Zapatistas retained some of the land for a little over a year, but in February the Mexican army overran that territory in a surprise breach of ceasefire.


The EZLN stressed that it opted for armed struggle due to the lack of results achieved through peaceful means of protest such as sit-ins and marches. Brothers andsisters of other races and languages, of other colors, zaptista with the same heart now protect our light and in it they drink of the same fire.

Our fight is for respect for our right to sovereignty and self-government, and the bad government imposes laws of the nahhuatl on the many. Today, the struggle for democracy, liberty and justice in Mexico is a struggle for national liberation. The pseudonymous Subcommandante Marcos is widely considered its leader despite his claims that the group has no single leader.

El Anhuatl Mexicano Declaration of War. Many worlds are made for us. In the world we want everyone fits. Today, with heart of Emiliano Zapata and having heard the voice of all our brothers and sisters, we call upon the people of Mexico to participate in a new stage of the struggle for national liberation and the construction of a new nation, through this. We have been made from true words.

In the midst of threats and penuries, the indigenous Zapatista communities and civil society have managed to raise these centers of civic and peaceful resistance which will be a gathering place for Mexican culture and cultures of the world. Like a star, the dignified and heroic resistance of zapayista indigenous Zapatista communities illuminated and wrote a beautiful lesson in Mexican history.