B– and AIA Document A™–, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Contractor for a Residential or Small Commercial Project. Download Aia Contract Document B Pdf documents email the american institute of architects? legal counsel copyrightaia 3 the architect and architect?s. B–, B–, B–, B–, and B– are the B– and AIA Document ATM–, Standard Form of Agreement.

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The AIA does not publish a standard schedule of values form. Part A relates to contracts, Part B relates to insurance and bonds, and Part C deals with bidding procedures. It is to be filled out by the contractor bb105 returned to the architect for submission to the owner.

This checklist will assist the architect in recognizing required tasks and in locating the data qia to aiq assigned responsibilities. If construction administration services are to be provided using B—, which is not recommended, care must be taken to coordinate it with the appropriate general conditions of the contract for construction. Both AIA Documents B— and C— are based on the premise that one or more separate construction contractors will also contract with the owner.

The forms require the contractor to show the status of the contract sum to date, including the total dollar amount of the work completed and stored to date, the amount of retainage if anythe total of previous payments, a summary of change orders, and the amount of aaia payment requested.

AIA Document G— was developed as a directive for changes in the work which, if not expeditiously implemented, might delay the project. AIA Document E— defines digital data as information, communications, drawings, or designs created b10 stored for a specific project in digital form. Answers to Part C will follow as the contract documents are further developed. Execution of a completed AIA Document G— indicates agreement upon all the terms of the change, including any changes in the contract sum or guaranteed maximum price and contract time.

AIA Document B— is provided to assist B— users either in modifying it, or developing a separate supplementary conditions document to attach to it. The form also allows the architect to certify an amount different than the amount applied for, with explanation provided by the architect. This agreement may be h105 with a variety of compensation methods, including percentage of construction cost and stipulated sum.

It serves as a written record of the exchange of project information and acts as a checklist reminding the sender to tell wia recipient what exactly is being sent, how the material is being sent, and why it is being sent. B was ai only in same content as BINT—, exp ired Under A—, the contractor provides a guaranteed maximum price.


B-Series: Owner-Architect Documents (AIA Florida)

In AIA Document G—the parties agree on the time allowed for completion or correction of the items, the date when the owner will occupy the work or designated portion thereof, and a description of responsibilities for maintenance, heat, utilities and insurance. AIA Document A— primarily provides only the business terms and conditions unique to the agreement between the owner and contractor, such as compensation details and licensing of instruments of service.

Like A—, this document contains suggested language for supplementary conditions, along with notes on appropriate usage. Under A—, the construction manager serves as an independent adviser to the owner, who enters into a contract with a general contractor or multiple contracts with prime trade contractors.

American Institute of Architects (AIA) Releases New Contract Documents

The document is iaa to assist U. It allows the owner to tailor the proposal request to address the specific needs of the project. The major difference between AIA Documents GCMa— and G— is that the signature of the construction manager adviser, along with those of the owner, architect and contractor, is required to validate the change order.

D—, Methods of Calculating Areas and Volumes aaia Buildings This document establishes definitions for methods of calculating the architectural area and volume of buildings.

It is simply a request to the contractor for information related to a proposed change in the construction contract. Information compiled in AIA Document G— can support planning for similar projects and answer questions pertaining to past work.

AIA Document B— was developed to replace B— Parts 1 and 2, and B— expiredbut it more closely follows the format of B— The compensation model is also goal-oriented, and provides incentives for collaboration in design and construction of the project. It is intended for use on medium-to-large sized projects where payment is based on either a stipulated sum or the cost of the work plus a fee, with or without a guaranteed maximum price.

C assumes and incorporates by reference a preexisting prime agreement between design-builder and architect. The form allows tracking by bidder aai documents issued, deposits v105, and documents and deposits returned.

Document Titles and Prices

AIA Document B— is intended for use in situations where the architect will provide limited architectural services in connection with a single family residential project. A—, as a standard form document, cannot cover all the particulars of a project. Services are divided along the traditional lines of basic and additional services.


A was renumbered in and was modified, as applicable, to coordinate with AIA Document A— B— contains terms and conditions that are unique to these types of projects. AIA Document C— provides the terms under which the non-owner members provide services to the SPE to complete the design and construction of the project.

Although A and B share some similarities with other agreements, the Small Projects family should NOT be used in tandem with agreements in other document families without careful side-by-side comparison of contents. Some provisions, such as a limitation of liability clause, further define or limit the scope of services and responsibilities.

Basic services are performed in five phases: The specific services the consultant is required to perform are set forth within the document as well as the Integrated Scope of Services Matrix, which is part of the C— Target Cost Amendment. AIA Document B— may be used in two ways: A is suitable for large or complex projects. The consultant, who may or may not be an architect or other design professional, may perform a wide ranging array of services for the owner, including programming and planning, budgeting and cost estimating, project criteria development services, and many others, commencing with initial data gathering and continuing through to post occupancy.

It is intended to help the architect perform its services with respect to minor changes not involving adjustment in the contract sum or contract time.

Business and Finance | Campus Planning and Facilities Management | Case Western Reserve University

If B— is used for residential condominium projects, users should review and consider modifying B— Services are divided traditionally into basic and additional services. AIA Document A provides general guidance to users preparing bidding and construction contract documents for determining the proper location of information to be included in bidding documents, the contract for construction, V105 Conditions, Supplementary Conditions, and Division 01 General Requirements and Divisions Specifications.

C provides the terms under which the owner member will fund the SPE in exchange for the design and construction of the project. The contractor prepares a list of items to be completed or corrected, and the architect verifies and amends this list. Though not a party to the contract for construction between owner and contractor, the architect participates in the preparation aja the contract documents and performs construction phase duties and responsibilities described in detail aiz the general conditions.