Read Drip Drop Teardrop online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile . Drip Drop Teardrop is a Fantasy novel by Samantha Young. Drip Drop Teardrop, a novella by Samantha Young pages Published May 9, Buy at Amazon Avery hasn’t had it easy. When she was. Drip Drop Teardrop by Samantha Young Even Death Can Fall in Love Avery hasn’t had it easy. When she was ten years old her parents died.

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By continuing wamantha use this website, you agree to their use. Jan 05, Jennifer Williams rated it it was ok. Samanttha the lyrics and hauntingly creepy but weirdly romantic melody filled my car a story played out in my head.

I’m disappointed as the idea behind is has such potential. When he reappears, he introduces himself as Brennus and explains to her that he is Ankou — a sort of grim reaper, who escorts souls to the afterlife. Email required Address never made public.

Drip Drop Teardrop

So there’s the answer to that complaint. Jul 14, Carole Rae rated it really liked it. As for the plot itself? In my opinion, which obviously is always right. When Avery discovers Brennus is actually death; it is easy to understand why her character would be accepting of his true character. Apr 23, Shiran rated it really liked it Shelves: Aside from a small hiccup at the very end of the book it was just flat.


One of the many, once mortal men and women, who were given the choice to become an immortal in exchange for ferrying the dead over into their afterlife. Not in a “he’s death” sort of way, but in a “he’s a manipulative, controlling, blackmailing stalker” sort of way.

Nov 10, Karla rated it liked it Shelves: I’m not going out of my way to recommend this book, but it wasn’t awful. Bittersweet endings just makes saantha want to cry, and that in turn makes me pretty angry because then my nose runs, then the tissues start coming, and then The characters didn’t know each other, and the familiarity between them didn’t ring true.

My only complaint it just wasn’t long enough I want more, otherwise I enjoyed it.

Drip Drop Teardrop by Samantha Young

Now nine years later her Aunt Caroline is the only family she has left. When she’s not writing books, she’s buying shoes she doesn’t really need and searching for nooks and crannies to sanantha her ever-expanding book collection. These great writers definitely inspired me to push myself back into writing. It was rather rude and cold-hearted of him.

Other than my aforementioned concerns, I thought this story was well-written, interesting, and I would probably read the sequel.

This guy makes demands about her being his “eternal lover”, and then when she finally acquiesces, acts like he was only asking her all along. I hope you enjoy your visit as much as I enjoyed your sammantha. Enter Brennus, one of the Ankou. Overall, a great way to spend a couple of hours, and I’ll definitely pick up the sequel, featuring Avery’s friend, Sarah.


A YA Paranormal Romance for older readers. Her aunt is dying, after all. It didn’t take me long at all to write Drip Drop Teardrop.

Book Review: Drip Drop Teardrop, a novella by Samantha Young

And both had become Ankou for the next thousand of years. Amazed by her strength Brennus followed Avery and has watched over her.

Now he knows Avery is the one to offer him freedom from his obligation to the dead. Not-so Favorite Character s: Return to Book Page. Where is Drip Drop Teardrop, a Novella available tearsrop purchase? It’s either this or I’ve already come up with a concept I’m interested in.

He is dark, mysterious and creepy, with a wicked scar across his face, but Avery feels drawn to him. Brennus is mysterious and a bit scary. I liked the idea behind it and the pace moved alo Avery is a broken girl who lived her life in the shadows of who she wants to become.