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Translation is about claims to authorship and authority, and the tradition to which we are ambivalent heirs often finds itself incapable of speaking of these notions except through hierarchies and violence. Theorists of translation almost always situate fidelity in some relation to women, whether by explicit analogy or underly- ing structure of their arguments.

The impossibility of translation, posited by some theorists, cap- tures the intense philosophical impasse of the “nature of translation. A phrase removed from context is less likely to contain disparities.

The simile is that of the open-cast mine left an empty scar in the landscape” Precisely speaking, this is not a stylistic error, although in many pseudo-translations, authors have been known to fabricate disparities to trick their readers into believing they are reading a translation Toury, And we could go on multiplying examples, showing how disparities occur in all lexical and discursive categories. Making assumptions about the morays and sensibilities of a remote civilization, and then transposing these assumptions coherently into a target text, is an artistic enterprise fraught with peril.

In these cases, disparity is literary artifice, a rhetorical device. The a-prioristic movement of trust puts us off balance. Although a translation exists as an autonomous work—one should be able to read it independently—it is still, nonetheless, an echo of its source, and that is why comparison has an important, if not exclusive role in criticism.


Motivated by artistic intentions, they will juxtapose often without knowing, we should say in his defense a variety of incompatible elements: All of these metaphors for translation have their alluring qualities, illuminate some as- pect of translation; none speaks of translation in a totalizing fashion.

Collaboration can signify working together, especially in a joint intellectual effort; however, it can also mean cooperating with an enemy who occupies one s own country.

Les belles infidèles (English)

Here, fidelity is an arrangement between the writer and the translator, an act carried out through the manipulation of the woman, the text.

Here is what two literary translators and contemporaries of George Sand have to say: Harry Zohn New York: Presses Universitaires de Lille. The Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Studies. One of the difficulties in thinking these questions through is that we are caught up in a hermeneutical tension that renders problematic much infidels on biblical texts in general; a profound tension between treating the text as a cultural artifact accessible to analysis and interpretation, and viewing lds text as somehow deeply different from other texts.

Skip to main content. Otobiography, Transference, Translation, ed.

Presses Universitaires du Septentrion

How do we interact with the discourse of lles already in place? Examination of all sorts of contemporary translated texts suggests that all translators are affected, to some extent, by this endemic defect. The English disparate translates the French adjective, but it is disparity that translates the French noun. Nevertheless, since Jerome, the maxim non verbum e verbo, sed sensum exprimere de sensu not word for word, but rather to express the sense from the sense [the meaning] has been the order of the day, and has colored many translations.


Compare de Waard and Nida,following a claim that at least some part of the Bible has been translated for 97 percent of the world s population: The word thus refers to something that clashes with its environment, breaks unity, sounds out of tune, disrupts and upsets.

One might also note that, as we enter into this discussion, more women are feeling more asthmatic than ever before. And if the translation in question is historical, the critic must have equal knowledge of two sets of circumstances: Gerges In Sign Up. I have interfered to remove his obscurity and sometimes to better his matter much of mine own devising.

I have Englished things not according to the vein of the Latin propriety, but of his own vulgar tongue.

The copyright holder for an entire issue of a journal typically is the journal owner, who also may own the copyright in each article. Essays and Reflections, ed. University of Chicago Press. What kinds of ordeals are part of the test of fidelity?

Very true are the words of Wilhelm von Humboldt: Applications and Research, ed. How and where such breaks occur is relative: Friedrich Schleiermacher also intuited the notion of disparity. Sri Lankan writer Ranjini Obeyesekere captures the experience of the writer-in-exile in the metaphor of translation- as-natural-as-breathing. Many women who are grounded in the Christian tradition have spent belels of their religious lives in radical acts of translation of the tradition.