Although the Slendertone System for Abs may help the muscles contract, you’ll need to adjust your diet and make time for cardio exercise to improve the. SLENDERTONE Abdominal Toning System with the versatility of your smart . A detailed guide to setting-up and using your SLENDERTONE CONNECT ABS. Instruction Manual: This is your detailed guide to using your SYSTEM-ABS FROM SLENDERTONE. SLENDERTONE Belt Extender: Use this belt extender to.

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Table of contents [ hide ] Table of contents [ show ] How does it work? Again it feels like I have done a work out on my abs.

Your belt has been ergonomically designed and is fastened around your waist, under you clothes. With this you can set toning goals, plan workouts, and track your progress through the dedicated free Slendertone Connect app. All Rights Reserved Part No: More Additional unit functions Slfndertone.

Avoid use if you have any type of electronic or abdominal implant.

Slendertone SYSTEM-ABS Instruction Manual

I was instructed to open the system-as out fully and to locate the 3 gel-like pads that were to be stuck to the inside of the belt. I had the power up to 70 for both sessions. The controller is excellent size and great position for putting in your pocket when running.


There are 7 toning programmes 5 core programmes and 2 bonus programmes. Also See for System-Abs Instruction manual – 10 pages. Use this pouch to store your unit and belt between toning sessions. Wlendertone looked at systdm-abs Slendertone belt and found that it significantly improved abdominal strength and endurance. For more info and how it works click on Slendertone System-Abs.

How does system-zbs work? Slimming Electric Belts and Russian Bells: The only thing you need to consider is when you intend to use the belt. Your email address will not be published. It has been heavily promoted by soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo with a series of television adverts. Most of used it our desks as well. The intensity slenrertone is between The unit will automatically progress you through each programme up-to programme 5, which is the pro level.

Electrical muscle stimulation came to prominence in the s and 70s, when sports scientists began to utilize the technique. Page 7 Other toning units are avail- able for other areas of the body – details are available at slendertone.

The Best Ab Belt: I was impressed that the belt did not loose any grip whilst running. It really is incomparable to anything else currently xystem-abs the market.

What we love about this new smartphone integration and dedicated app is the motivational aspect.


Don’t have an account? Slendertine other thing that immediately concerns us with these and the above two are only examples of many is that they are making claims about toning, tightening and strengthening muscles.

Position the largest electrode pad over your belly button. Be sure to read our warning about muscle toning products before purchasing one.


Slendertone vs Flex Belt Is it safe? Do not use if you are pregnant or trying to conceive. The Good Body Last updated: No excuses to miss a session now with toning alerts reminders sent to your phone and other devices, such as computer, tablet, etc. You can usually find multi-packs that work out cheaper than buying single sets. As an example, those who have a pacemaker or similar electrical implanted device should not use one.

Is that it comes with the Slendertone System Rechargeable Controller. Slendergone device automatically shuts off after 30 minutes. Page 9 This symbol means type BF applied parts.