On models with Hydrolastic suspension, an auxiliary coil spring is located can be carried out on the suspension or its components, the Hydrolastic system. Hydrolastic is a type of space-efficient automotive suspension system used in many cars produced by British Motor Corporation (BMC) and its. 5 days ago Most components shown below are unique to the Hydrolastic (wet suspension) system and suspension/braking systems on.

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Small bumps were absorbed by the spring for each wheel, but larger heaves actually moved the piston by overcoming friction and activated the other spring. Hydrolastic can resist body roll while also being smoother-riding. Before any major work can be carried out on the suspension or its components, the Hydrolastic system must be depressurised.


Delight that it was so far ahead of its time, so rational, and so right in its proportions. The unit consists basically of a vacuum pump, a pressure pump and a fluid reservoir. It all looks so simple and it is, but it took a lot of working out how to produce a suspension system syxtem rubber to begin with and fluid.

H ydro Electricity Generation Appliances. The pressure tank on the unit should be pumped up to the system specified working pressure before opening the connector valve, which will already have been connected to the system pressure valve.

These instructions should be read through carefully before attempting to use the unit, and followed accurately throughout the operation. MGF was jydrolastic last vehicle platform to use this design.

Both are suspension systems rather than just springs, in that they include a damping system to hydrolastlc the action of the suspension.

Simply put, another nozzle aimed at the generation wheel in the suspensoin direction such as to work with return pressure – and give generation on the up-stroke of the car’s suspension, and the re-bound. Ours is electric with a battery store as a load leveler. This in turn transmits the pressure to the gas in the upper diaphragm, which compresses to absorb the shock. One obvious development that would be necessary for incorporation in a hydragas circuit, is dual flow: Coloring is added to help show up leaks or contaminated fluid easily.


The design of the displacer units, and the way in which they are mounted means hydroalstic as the suspension is compressed, the roughly spherical displacer deforms, and hence presents a larger area to the mounting plates. By the time the chassis had been completed hard labour – it was all done by hand, no power toolsIssigonis had moved to Morris Motors Limited, but Austin supplied a “works” specification supercharged side-valve engine.

Theme : Suspension – Hydrolastic Rubbery Goodness – Driven To Write

Invented by British automotive engineer Alex MoultonHydragas is an evolution of the previous Hydrolastic system. With the lower containers being squeezed by the suspension, and no way out of the upper containers as in escape to the other end of the car the fluid’s only choice is to compress sysstem spring, giving pretty much the same suspension action as if the spring itself was being compressed directly.

This greatly modified machine was replaced with a radical special completed inconstructed of plywood laminated in aluminium sheeting. The Metro above turned out to be hydrloastic the ticket.

That vehicle used two springs separated by a tight-fitting rubber piston in a cylinder alongside the sills, each spring connected to a swing-arm by a push-pull rod.

The system replaces the separate springs and dampers of a conventional suspension system with integrated, space efficient, fluid filled displacer units which are interconnected between the front and rear wheels on each side of the vehicle. Email required Address never made public. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Theme : Suspension – Hydrolastic Rubbery Goodness

The Hydrolastic system pressure valves are located at the rear of the car on the sub-frame crossmember. The suspension was also of advanced design, suspenion trailing arm front suspension attached to a steel cross-member, and swing axle rear, all with rubber springs made of catapult elastic.

Sadly, the UK is backward in thinking forward on most fronts, thus surrendering a technological lead for lack of investment – the inability to predict the future such at to cater for the future is a major UK failing; part of the stiff upper lip attitude that sends pioneers elsewhere. See the example micro generators at the foot of this page – all of which are too large for this application. This makes the unit cheaper and reduces the amount of gearing necessary.


They are connected from front to back but not from side to side or all around, as in the case of the DS. To achieve the highest velocities the ratio of the diameter of the wheel and the diameter to the center of the nozzle should be as small as possible. This gives the hydrolastix a sharply rising rate even in pitch, so that there hydrolasti a strong tendency to return to equilibrium.

Amongst other things, the rear swing arm metal bearings were replaced with rubber bushes, with oversteer becoming an option over time. After servicing the spares market for some years suspensjon buyer was found and the production line was sold.

Hydragas is a type of automotive suspension system used in many cars produced by British Leyland and its successor ssupension.

To some extent that indicates its success: This page was last edited on 30 Octoberat These are, in essence, miniaturised versions of the displacers used on Hydrolastic-equipped cars being a rubber hydrolwstic spring with an internal fluid chamber to provide damping. If the car decelerates sharply, it will dive. Cannot help but hyrrolastic that properly commercialized and reduced in cost, this might be as good as you can get without going completely mad.

We would agree with him. Arguments for lower cost and more reliability defeated the liquid-gas suspension systems. During the war he had worked on engine design at the Bristol Aeroplane Company. View all posts by richard herriott.