Bio: John Betjeman () was named poet laureate in , and is known for his nostalgic writings on contemporary topics. On a pillar in Poets’ Corner in Westminster Abbey is a memorial to Sir John Betjeman, Poet Laureate and broadcaster. Sir John Betjeman’s centenary will be marked with a wreathlaying ceremony at his memorial in Poets’ Corner on Monday.

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In Westminster Abbey by John Betjeman

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The Lord waits on you hand in foot! He served as the United Kingdom’s poet laureate from until his death in Haven’t found the Essay You Want? Cut down that timber!

In Westminster Abbey – Poem by John Betjeman

The Poems and Quotes on this site are the property of their respective authors. Now I feel a little better, What a treat to hear Thy Word, Where the bones of leading statesmen Have so often been interr’d. Related Commemorations See all commemorations. Why on earth would you not wait for him?!


And do not let my shares go down. Haleigh – like I said up top in my comment Her ludicrously superior attitude is more likely to delight us with its silliness than to offend with its blasphemy.

Let me take this other glove off Xbbey the vox humana swells, And the beauteous betjemaj of Eden Bask beneath the Abbey bells. Betjeman would hope that readers, recognising the irony, would then be alert to any such attitudes in themselves and others and see these attitudes more clearly as hypocritical.

The first stanza introduces the character as a fussy woman who puts herself first: Before Betjeman sets the scene, the lady gets herself into the mood for a religious service by adopting an appropriately elevated tone, and lexical field vocabulary with a Latin phrase to describe the singing: Website by Developed by.

Sir John Betjeman by Howard Coster. It is a point she naturally comes back to as we all would if we were under attack but Betjeman undermines her with her comical, limited demand: The name is suggestive of a leafy, prosperous London Square, with associations of cardigans and cads. Here, where England’s statesmen lie, Listen to a lady’s cry. Famous Poets and Poems: As the vox humana swells, And the beauteous fields of Eden Bask beneath the Abbey bells.


The alliteration in the fourth line almost makes it seem a little trite.

Racism from a superior woman. Once again, she will only westjinster what suits her, and on her own terms. I think the poem was okay. The first and third lines are written with four stresses, thus trochaic tetrameter, while the second and fourth have three stresses and are iambic trimeter.

Betjeman Centenary

In Westminster Abbey by John Betjeman. Email This Poem to a Friend.

The memorial was unveiled by Lady Wilson on 11th November I seems like she is concerned about everyone wextminster the world, but she’s more focused on herself. Posted by Rebecca Lobb at She prays that she, in particular, shall not feel the blast of the German bombs, and is openly racist in her request to protect the “gallant blacks And now, dear Lord, I cannot wait Because I have a luncheon date.